6 Things To Consider Before Selecting Wallpaper For Your Home

It’s astonishing, how a single drape of wallpaper on a wall, can turn the whole room from boring to eye-catching. When used correctly, it has the power to entirely change the look of a room and in doing so, become a showstopper in your home. But how do you know what is the right choice to suit the personality of your home? We present to you, a checklist of 6 things to consider before jumping into the purchase you’ll go on to love for years!

1. Which room to wallpaper? 

Where in the house do you want to wallpaper? Different rooms and walls need different types of paper to suit the style. Stainless and washable work best for kitchen, while a bathroom requires moisture-resistant.

2. The statement you want to make

Before heading off to the store, consider the statement you want to make, perhaps you only want to cover a few feature walls or on the other hand, completely paper every room in your whole house. If you’re the nervous type, a good option, is to opt for half wallpaper and the other half paint. Or for something eye-popping, go for bold wallpapers on one statement wall.

3. Texture and colour of existing settings

Think hot pink wallpaper in a room with blue furniture (unless of course it’s your children’s room). Before you dash out and make the purchase, consider the textures and colours of existing settings in the room. To get a beautiful impact with the new wallpaper make sure it will compliment what you already have in the room.

4. Pattern of the wallpaper

Horizontal patterns make a room look broader, while vertical patterns make the roof seem higher. If you’re doing the wallpapering yourself, here is a tip: choose patterns with less repetitive designs to make the task easier.

5. Other light sources in the room

A lot of people regret not thinking of this factor before they start. Lights can have an impact on the final overall appearance of the wallpaper. It can either outshine your wallpaper, or even make starting the job, the biggest mistake of your life. Consider the source of light, sunlight and artificial both have different impacts. So, make sure you’ve studied this factor thoroughly, otherwise you could end up regretting your choice.

6. DIY versus Professionals

Are you planning to do the wallpapering yourself? In that case, the best is to choose the removable type, which uses a peel-and-stick technique, making the whole process easier. If you pick anything other than that, it is highly advisable to hire professionals. You will not regret the fee, we promise!

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