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Bring Fresh Life to Your Home with Quality Painters in Adelaide

If you’ve decided that you’d like to paint your house, either the interior or exterior, the first step is to find painters in Adelaide who can help you. Pridal Services is a Dulux Accredited painting company with a highly-trained staff that will do the job well.

Related Services We Provide to Adelaide Painting Services

We provide several services that fall under the umbrella of residential painting:

Exterior Painting – There’s a significant difference between painting the interior and exterior of a home. Exterior paint must be more robust and designed to withstand all that the Australian climate will throw at it. Between heavy rains and dry heat, lesser paints will crack and peel far too early. We use quality paints, exclusively choosing Dulux and Solver, which are also both eco-friendly options.

Interior Painting – When you’ve got a room that’s already painted, there’s more to a successful paint job than just slapping on another layer. We’ll do all the work to prepare your walls to receive the new coat in a way that will last. We can paint any room, from kitchens and dining rooms to bedrooms and attics.

• New Construction Painting – Newly-built homes and extensions are in a unique position, as the fresh walls will be without any paint in the first place. We’ll diligently apply the necessary coats of the right paint to ensure that you have vibrant colours and bright whites exactly where you’d like them.

The Importance of Professional Painters in Adelaide

There are a few benefits to using professional painters that are worth reviewing.

• The quality of the paintwork often reveals whether someone with experience and professional qualifications did the painting, or if someone did it without experience. We always recommend going with the professional work so that your painted walls never become a distraction.

• Customised painting can bring your home to life with each room having its own personality. Let your kids choose colours that express them or have calmer tones in your library or study.

• When you hire us to paint your home, you don’t have to worry about following up with additional visits. As professionals, we’ll do the job correctly the first time and ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

Why Pridal Services Is Cost Effective

We dedicate ourselves to providing you with an excellent solution for your painting needs. We accomplish this by applying all our experience to your home, laying out a thorough plan, then executing it carefully — resulting in swift, accurate work that limits the cost of labour and materials.

Beyond the initial cost, you’ll find that the work lasts for years to come. We ensure that you don’t have to spend on additional painting in the future, which again saves you time and money. We’ll confer with you to determine what your needs and expectations are; then we’ll shatter them with quality craftsmanship and dedication that will amaze you. Contact us to learn more about our painting techniques and schedule an initial consultation.