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Friendly, passionate and professional with decades of experience, we service
all aspects of painting and decorating across Adelaide and suburbs.
Friendly, passionate and professional with
decades of experience, we service all aspects of
painting and decorating across Adelaide and suburbs.

Have a project in Hove? We will only use premium paints and products for your job


Painters Hove

Revitalise Your Home with Painters Who Know Their Paint. We service Hove and surrounding suburbs.

Let painters in Hove give your home a facelift and make it stand out on your block. Paint offers you the opportunity to express yourself to the world by creating colour combinations that speak to you. Pridal Services has been helping homeowners revitalise their homes for years, and our staff have completed extensive background checks and training to ensure they represent the best we have to offer. We work quickly and cleanly to provide you with fast, efficient service with colourful results.

What You Can Expect from Pridal Services Regarding House Painters in Hove

Our family has been in the painting business for over a decade, and our experience shows in our craft and advice. We not only paint your home but work with you to select colours that express your personality.

  • Our colour consultants work closely with you to find the right colour for your home, both inside and outside. We help you navigate the colour charts to develop the right palate for you and your home.
  • After meeting with you for free, we prepare a no-obligation quote for you to consider. We save you money whenever possible and produce professional results.
  • We treat your home as our own and clean up our mess, so you’ll never know we were there except for the new colour on your walls.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Residential Painters in Hove

You want the inside of your home to look as fresh as the day it was built. With today’s paints being developed to produce less harmful fumes you are providing your family with better air quality.

  • Insist that your painter use paints with low VOC content to ensure your family isn’t breathing unnecessary fumes. We use Dulux and Solver paint brands exclusively.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references or to see some of the work your painter has done so you can evaluate their handiwork and feel confident in your choice.
  • Make sure your painter carries the appropriate licensing and insurance to protect you against any accidents that occur during the job.

Why Pridal Services is Cost Effective

Your home is an investment that deserves to be treated with respect. Updating the exterior paint keeps your house looking fresh and maintains property values for you and your neighbours. A little goes a long way, and that applies to paint and the rewards you receive from a fresh coat. We paint anything you need including pergolas, carports, gazebos, pillars, retaining walls and so much more. We use a two coat system to protect against peeling and fading that offer long-lasting results.

Show your home some love with new paint either inside or out or both. Express your personality and maintain your property’s value with a fresh colour that makes your home uniquely yours. Contact us for more information on our services or to book a no obligation appointment to see how we can help revitalise your home in a cost-effective manner.

Areas We Serve Near Hove

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