7 Things to Know About Interior House Painting

Do you fancy yourself a good painter? There’s nothing wrong with taking on a DIY wall or room painting project. But, if you want a professional finish with clean, smooth and even lines, it’s best to hire a professional to do it.

To help you find contractors for your interior house painting project as well as get a heads up on what to watch out for, here are 7 quick tips to note.

1. Be patient and plan it out

Whether painting your new home in Adelaide or a wall inside your office in Surry Hills, the process takes much longer than you think. Plan it by sorting out the basics like choosing the colours, cost of a professional and even the gallons of paint you would need.

2. Don’t skip on the primer

Licensed contractors will always recommend using a primer before using colour. This provides a solid base for the paint and it can make the colours much brighter and vivid compared to having a bare base.

3. Go bold, go pastel, go bright – don’t shy away from colours!

If you want a certain atmosphere for your room, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Most people default on creams, whites and beiges because they’re not sure which shade to use to achieve the right ambiance. Consult your painting contractor to help you pick the right shade. It’s also possible to base the hue on existing fixtures incorporated within the space. Just like what you’d do when picking exterior paint.

4.  Ask for a sample

It’s always a good idea to ask for paint samples in your chosen shade. Reliable licensed painters in Adelaide and shops will often provide this. If possible, it would be advisable to test it out on the actual wall or something similar to it so you know how it will look like when applied.

5. Prepping time is crucial

Any professional knows that prep time is as important as the actual process itself. Filling in any holes, sanding them out and making sure there’s an even surface for the paint to adhere to is one thing experts never skip out on.

6. Corner line work comes first before using rollers The line work in the corners should be done first. Once the corners are done, then rollers can be used for the large expanses. The rollers will help flatten the brushwork and give you a more even finish. Professional contractors often work this way.

7. Boxed paint is better

To avoid uneven application, ‘boxing’ paint is ideal. Professionals mix all the paint together to obtain an even coat of colour in each application. Even though mixers generally do a good job, they’re susceptible to creating shade variations.

The last thing you need, whether interior or roof painting, is to have two shades of colour on your wall or rooftop.

Painting interiors is an exciting process. It’s a chance to liven up your room, make it cosy or exude your personality. Apart from these general tips, choosing the right paint contractor to work with will make the process even smoother.

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